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Feride is reading her memory notebook and these scenes are from her notebook.


She remembers her mother.her last scene .


What happened to my mum,father?


They want feride to care her.because her father is officer

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But feride s father wants to send her a dormitory-school.others dont want because it is wrong for them if a girl takes education.but he convinced them.


I want to send her to school not to have time to think about her mum.


An information:during 19th year,girls could study in non-muslims school and they used to be teacher in ottoman time.


Feride,i am going now my daughter but i will come often beside of you.


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My daughter,why do you throw mug to kamuran?
Feride:because he doesnt see me.


Feride climbs trees to see her mum


Feride s father died at war.


Kamuran efendiye bahar dalı,bana şemsiye sapı


Kamuran s mother:kamuran,why dont i have a bride?


The guy wants young doctor to marry with feride.because she is rich and he will own the money.and he will pay his debt to guy.

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